Google Apps for Business has a economical price point, 99.9% uptime, and redundant data centers.  What is the core function of your company?  Is it managing email?  If not, are you happy with the ratio of resources applied to serving strategic initiatives vs managing your email infrastructure?

Our reliable, high-performance business-class switches, wireless, security (including SSL VPN), and software products are designed for a variety of small to medium-size business networks.

Whether you need to make real-time changes to one PC or a whole network, AVG CloudCare simplifies IT management. It allows cloud services and devices to be remotely managed from any web browser, so you can activate services with a single click, generate a variety of reports, view real-time alerts to problems, and drag and drop to easily create new policies. A range of pay-as-you-go services can be added whenever they’re needed, but the AVG CloudCare platform itself and Remote management tool are completely FREE! Lower cost and save time…..Why complicate?